Preschool Lesson Plans & Activities

Comprehensive Pre-K Curriculum

  • Developed by FIFTY+ Teachers
  • Field-tested in HUNDREDS of Classrooms
  • Used by THOUSANDS of Students
  • Comprehensive Preschool Assessments
  • Aligned to Early Learning
    Preschool Standards

Easy Breezy Preschool was developed on the idea that preschool curriculum should be both easier for teachers and more effective for students. A system that has been tested for years, our preschool curriculum has proved that our students outperform other students in reading, math, and art when they get to elementary school. Our lesson plans for preschool are sure to provide the teaching material necessary to help your students succeed.

So take advantage of this opportunity to sample some free preschool worksheets, preschool lesson plans, and art projects. Both teachers and students love our material. No more need to spend endless hours coming up with preschool activities—we have done it all for you to make it Easy Breezy!

"Amazing music program,
my kids love the songs."